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Cookie Run Kingdom - Almond cookie best toppings

Cookie Run Kingdom - Almond cookie best toppings

There are over 80 different cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom. The developers try to add new heroes to the game regularly, making it more exciting to play. Of course, every cookie requires a unique approach. You should use different builds and positions for different cookies, which is the main gameplay feature of Cookie Run Kingdom.

You will find out the best toppings for Almond cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. He is a unique hero, or rather...a unique cookie. Therefore, his build significantly differs from other builds in the game.

Almond cookie


The first thing you will discover in this guide is what Almond Cookie is. Almond is a particular seasonal detective who plays the role of support cookie. Honestly, Almond is one of the best supporters in Cookie Run Kingdom, so you can use him in any team.

The best thing about Almond is his skill: he can boost the DPS of the entire team. It is one of the most valuable abilities that significantly increase your team’s effectiveness. Also, he has a special skill - Almond Handcuffs. Using it, you can deal a lot of damage to enemies.



Even though Almond Cookie was released more than a year ago, it is still possible to obtain him. You only need to open Epic Chests. Here, you will have a slight chance of obtaining Almond. Also, remember that there are no additional requirements for getting this cookie. You only need to be level 5 or higher and open chests until you obtain Almond.

Almond cookie toppings


Once you know everything about Almond, it's time to discover the best toppings for him. Even though most people think that there is only 1 option for Almond, in this guide, you will find out about the second topping build suitable for this cookie. So, there's no time to lose. Let’s get started!

Swift Chocolate

Swift Chocolate build is the classic option for Almond. The problem with Almond is his high CD, and Swift Chocolate perfectly solves this issue. Feel free to use X5 Swift Chocolate toppings and you will notice how significantly your CD will be reduced.

Moreover, a faster cooldown allows you to hit enemies more often. So, you can use special skills more frequently, keeping your team buffed.

Solid Almond

Solid Almond is the topping that will provide this cookie with extra survivability. Even though it might seem useless for backline support heroes, opponents with serious damage might require you to have extra health points. Moreover, a Squishy Jelly Watch can reduce the cooldown.

In conclusion, there are 2 builds you can use for Almond cookie in CRK. The first one is aimed at reducing cooldown, and the second will increase your survivability. So, you should play with both toppings to decide which one is the best for you. And while you're still here, make sure to check our article on ideas for kingdom layout in Cookie Run Kingdom.