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Cookie Run Kingdom ideas for kingdom layout

Cookie Run Kingdom ideas for kingdom layout

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In Cookie Run: Kingdom, there are just so many things to do that it's virtually impossible to get bored with the game or to run out of tasks to complete on a daily basis. From fighting in the Arena to decorating your kingdom and even attending a concert (see the latest BTS event if you haven't had a chance yet), the game has a plethora of activities. 

This article will cover a topic that is a favourite of many - and that is kingdom decorating. Throwing some decorations around will surely increase your decor points in the game, but doing so with style is an entirely different game. You will need to take into account the empty space you have, whether or not you have enough space to place all of your extra buildings (those which grant passive stats and take up quite a bit of space, of course), and how you can place your gnome houses and resource producing farms. It suddenly sounds like a chore, right?

Well, don't worry, because today we will not only take a look at some of the best kingdom design ideas in Cookie Run: Kingdom but also at some neat and fun decorating ideas that you can implement yourself! 

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Otherwise, check out these neat CRK decorating tips below! 

Decorating can be fun! 

You have a billion options to create something unique in Cookie Run: Kingdom. From worship temples where gnomes bow to Black Raisin Cookie and Snow White Cookie holding a gnome hostage (see the image below if you don't take my word for it) to a miraculous, lush oasis of joy. There is little you cannot achieve in the game, and that's what makes it such a joy. 

Important tips for decorating your (Cookie Run) Kingdom

Tip #1 - First things first - don't skip over the basics! 

Make sure you have all the Gnome Houses and Cookie Mansions you can, because the more you advance in the game, the more you will have to build, and the more EXP your cookies will require. Never underestimate these! 

Tip #2 - Secondly, make the Landmarks a priority

Landmarks are buildings that grant you extra stats, such as the Star Candy Observatory, Croissant Zeppelin, Everwinter Snow Globe, and Dreaming Jelly Lion Statue (to name a few). These are going to boost your cookies' stats by quite a lot, and it's better if you have them all placed beforehand so you will know exactly how much space you will have left in your kingdom. 

Tip #3 - Place at least two of each important farm building (where appliable)

We've all been there - not having enough Jellybeans, running out of Axes, Pickaxes, Saws and whatnot from the Smithy, or using the last Jellyberry for a Hot Jelly Stew instead of a Tart Jampie, dang it. The best solution? Just build another Jellyberry Orchard! It's always better to have two buildings producing at once instead of one, even if that takes up quite a lot of space. Take that piece of advice from someone who's played the game since its release and has always tried to decorate the kingdom in a unique, beautiful way. 

And while you're at it, if you find yourself having a few extra Crystals that you don't want to use in the Gacha, then make sure you max out the farm buildings' slots so you can produce as much as possible with one tap. 

Tip #4 - Finally, don't overlook the little details

Little details can be something as "little" as placing a building one tile too far. When you have limited space, that tile can be crucial to you having space for another big Landmark or farm. If you cannot quite comprehend how much space you have between the buildings, then turn off the "Show Building" button by heading over to the Layout menu (bottom left) and then tap on the button underneath your decor points. That option will become your best friend when you will start decorating seriously. 

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Giant Theme Park

Created by: Reddit user Theonethatliveshere

This kingdom is beautiful, colourful, and has a lot of little details that really make it come alive. From a dedicated "winter wonderland" area to the actual Disney area (used with decor items from the collab between Cookie Run: Kingdom and Disney), this kingdom layout is simply beautiful. And the best part? Any player can create their own theme park!

Beginner-friendly Kingdom

Created by Reddit user CuddlePoolFortnite

This Cookie Run: Kingdom layout doesn't have a lot of fancy decors, but it is absolutely perfect for someone who is just starting out and cannot invest a lot of Gold into buildings, paths, bushes and all sorts of other decorations. By using simple roads and placing buildings in between, you can have something simple and beautiful with very little effort.

The Lush Garden

By Reddit user detify

This player went ham with the use of trees, bushes and greenery. The result? A beautiful park with a river flowing freely between the buildings, giving the entire design an out-of-the-kingdom vibe. Given how often we see extremely colourful kingdoms (and it's hard not to since all the decorations are cookie-themed), the natural look given by this design is a welcome change.

The Cookie KINGDOM

By Reddit user DecentAct7038

This player created a kingdom inside the kingdom. It's a pretty cluttered design, but in order to add all the buildings and have enough decor points to upgrade the Castle, it's a necessary evil. You have a beautiful rendition of what a true cookie kingdom could look like.

Tiered Gardens Design

Created by Reddit user Sozyo

This trick makes use of the isometric layout of the game where certain decors can be placed next to each other in order to create an effect like this one. It's no easy feat, but the result is absolutely outstanding. If you have enough time to give it a try yourself, it's definitely worth the effort (as you can clearly see).

Overlapping Walls Layout Idea

By Reddit user jdjsubsjs

Similar to the previously mentioned design, the Tiered Gardens, this one was posted by a user with a question mark - but the actual design idea is so beautiful and so neat that it's hard to overlook. You can add this to your kingdom as well as other beautiful and unique ideas from this list to create something spectacular.

Japanese Temple Kingdom?

Created by Reddit user LadyNee

This layout uses the beautiful Kingdom of the Unwavering decorations but also keeps the organisation pretty separate. Like in a Japanese temple, you have common farms on the outskirts, and on the interior of the walls, you have some more farms along with the Cookie houses/mansions.

Floating Kingdom

Created by Reddit user ravenkhor

This player filled the entire kingdom with water and placed each building (farm, landmark, and house) on an isle. It's a very simple concept and execution, and the result speaks for itself. It's beautiful and simple, but it's not for everyone. It naturally doesn't add up to a whole lot of decor points, but if that's your goal, then by all means, it's an option!

Before and After

Created by Reddit user Tinglestimeout

This is probably one of the most wholesome designs you will find out there. It clearly shows the difference between the somewhat "plain" before and the gorgeous after. The entire design looks like it's also colour-coded, with the far upper part following a dark theme, the middle one a lighter, blue/white/green colour, and the bottom part falling into the more pink colour pool of decors. It's stunning!

Isles Kingdom

Created by myself

While I have been working on this Cookie Run: Kingdom layout for the past few months (on and off), it shaped together nicely eventually. Most farms are located on the far left and right side, while the cookie houses are on the top right. With the bigger Landmarks in the middle, each on its own isle, the design is still a work in progress - but not for long!

Feel free to check it in-game - the name is HachiBerry on Pure Vanilla server!

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