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Cookie Run: Kingdom - Custard Cookie III Best Toppings

You need to pick the right toppings for Custard Cookie III to make him a viable healer and a protector.

Cookie Run: Kingdom - Custard Cookie III Best Toppings
| Cookie Run: Kingdom

Gacha games dominate the mobile gaming world, and a top contender is Cookie Run: Kingdom. A continuation of the Cookie Run series, the game's concept sees a group of cookies that find themselves amidst a massive conflict between dark and light. The goal is to collect as many cookies as possible to put together a fighting force and reclaim the land from the forces of darkness (or for them, depending on the chosen path). Your team can have a total of five cookies, and, ideally, you want a good mix of offensive, defensive, and supportive power. In the beginning, you'll get to know a fairly effective healer cookie, Custard Cookie III.

Custard's story follows his desire to reclaim the Kingdom’s throne as he believes he is the only remaining heir. He's also one of the youngest cookies to join the quest, but he's more than willing to lend his power to the team. As a healer, his ability revolves around healing party members by a decent chunk and granting them a temporary shield. He remains one of the most powerful healers in the game, but he needs to be outfitted properly. To do this, you'll need to give Custard the right combination of toppings.

Custard Cookie III Toppings Build

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a gacha game with some management elements like building a castle and RPG essence. The adventure focuses on the latter where you'll need to take cookies into battle in an attempt to clear levels. Until you get some other cookies, Custard Cookie III will be your main healer. His position is in the rear where he can focus on aiding his teammates rather than fighting. In lieu of traditional equipment such as armour and weapons, the game provides toppings. These items are gained from completing tasks, reaching milestones in side events, and just progressing through the story. Each cookie can equip five toppings at once, but will need to be at least level 30 to unlock all the slots.

Other topping builds:

Once you get Custard Cookie III to level 30, you'll need to carefully decide which toppings to give him. Since he's in the rear, he's less likely to be attacked by enemies, but as you progress further on, more enemies will use piercing or AoE attacks. He's particularly vulnerable during boss fights and you don't want to lose your healer early on. His skill is King's Favor, which instantly heals the two cookies with the lowest health and gives them a shield to absorb additional damage. Despite not being an attacker, Custard's healing effectiveness increases with his Attack stat.

There are various types of toppings, but the best for Custard Cookie III are Swift Chocolate, Searing Raspberry, and Hard Walnut. Swift Chocolate can decrease the cooldown of King's Favor, which is useful during long levels, so consider equipping at least two. Searing Raspberry can raise a cookie's Attack stat which will improve just how much health Custard can restore, so another two slots should be reserved for these. Finally, Hard Walnut raises a cookie's Defense stat and it will fit neatly in Custard's final slot to help him last slightly longer.