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Best Frost Queen cookie toppings

Best Frost Queen cookie toppings

There are over 80 cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Every cookie plays its unique role during the match. There are healers, attackers, and tanks, and every cookie requires a unique approach. This guide will tell you about the best Frost Queen cookie toppings in Cookie Run: Kingdom. She is one of the most potent cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Therefore, learning how to play her is important.


Frost Queen in CRK showcase

Before discovering the best toppings for Frost Queen in CRK, it would be best to find out more about this cookie itself. This cookie was introduced a year ago in the Snow update together with a Cotton Cookie. And both cookies appear to be strong and are widely used nowadays.

The foremost thing you should know is that the Frost Queen cookie is a legendary cookie. She has nice attack stats, making her suitable for use on the front lines. And her skill, “Freezing Squall”, significantly increases her DPS. When activated, the cookie will cast unique cold energy that will debuff enemies in addition to dealing significant damage.


Once you know who Frost Queen is, it's time to find out about the best builds for her. The first topping you can use is Swift Cholocate. The fact is that Frost Queen has 18 seconds cooldown. It is an extremely high number that significantly decreases cookies’ effectiveness. Swift Chocolate Topping reduces cooldown by 1.8% at the maximum level. It will allow you to keep enemies debuffed longer and deal more damage.

Frost Queen toppings

At the same time, Searing Raspberry topping significantly increases the attack that might help you when you are fighting against multiple targets. Moreover, Frost Queen is used in the middle of the front line. Therefore, the damage is probably the important stat for Frost Queen.

Also, you should remember that making a balanced build is not the best idea. You should aim only at 1 stat and fill all slots with the same topping. And the best way to estimate what topping is the most suitable for you is simply to play with both.


Cookie Run Kingdom Frost Queen background

The last thing you should know about Frost Queen is how to obtain it. Frost Queen is a legendary cookie. Therefore, obtaining her requires a lot of time and effort.

The best way to obtain Frost Queen is to purchase her Soulstones from the Rainbow Shell Gallery using Rainbow Pearls. Unfortunately, Soulstone can be purchased 1 time per 6 days. To obtain Frost Queen, you should use 20 Soulstones, meaning you should play Cookie Run Kingdom 120 days in a row to unlock Frost Queen.

In conclusion, Frost Queen is one of the most potent damage dealers that should be played only in the middle of the front line. Even though it might be pretty challenging to obtain her, you will enjoy this cookie after you get it. And talking about the best toppings, there are only 2 options: Swift Cholocate and Searing Raspberry. Depending on your gaming style, you should choose the most suitable topping. Also, while you are here, make sure to read our article about how to get and upgrade Cookie Castle in Cookie Run: Kingdom!