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Cookie Run Kingdom Hollyberry cookie toppings - Best builds

Cookie Run Kingdom Hollyberry cookie toppings - Best builds

In Cookie Run Kingdom, there are over 80 different cookies you can play with. Every cookie is unique and requires a particular approach to be effective. And in this guide, you will find out about the best Hollyberry cookie toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom.


First and foremost, you should know that the developers regularly add new cookies to the game. When the game first got released, there were only 37 cookies. Nowadays, this number is twice more than the original - 87 cookies are available in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Every time the developers add a new cookie, the in-game balance changes slightly. At the moment of writing, the Hollyberry cookie is one of the most potent cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom. Moreover, she is suitable for beginners, so it's pretty relevant to discuss the best builds for Hollyberry.

Hollyberry cookie is one of the best tanks in Cookie Run Kingdom. She can effectively absorb tonnes of damage, protecting her teammates from being killed. Hollyberry cookie has a CD of 18 seconds, which is pretty good. Her talent DMG Focus decreases all damage you take by 20% for 9 seconds, allowing you to survive longer. Moreover, Hollyberry cookie has good attack stats. Her single-hit DMG is 185.5%, and it increases by 2.53% per level.

So, it is evident that you should build a Hollyberry cookie to increase her health points. The longer this cookie survives, the more benefits she will be able to bring to the team.


Hollyberry cookie showcase

First build

So, the first and most straightforward build is X5 Solid Almond Topping. It doesn't matter whether you're at the beginning or at the late stages of the game - it will still work well. Using this boost, Hollyberry will get significant DMG resistance, making her even more suitable for frontlines. Also, Hollyberry will get a CD boost for sub-stats, increasing her survivability.

Second build

The second, less popular build includes X3 Solid Almond and X2 Swift Choco. Just like the previous build, it will increase DMG resistance. However, it will not be such a significant boost. A more critical boost in this build is the CD boost for sub-stats, which you get from X2 Swift Choco.

Third build

The third and last build is X5 Swift Choco. This build will not increase DMG Resistance, which is pretty uncommon for tank builds. However, it will make CD much faster, allowing you to play more actively and deal more damage with this build.

Generally, the second and the third builds are more suitable for experienced players, who can make fewer mistakes and take less damage. But if you are a beginner, you must use the first build. It will increase your survivability, making Hollyberry cookie more effective.

In conclusion, the Hollyberry cookie is one of the most powerful tank cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom nowadays. There are 3 different toppings builds for her, and only you can decide which option to choose.

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