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Best toppings for Cotton Cookie in CRK

Best toppings for Cotton Cookie in CRK

At the moment of writing, there are over 80 unique cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom. All of them have different stats, skills, and gameplay. Read this guide to find out about the best toppings for Cotton Cookie in CRK. Let’s get started!


The foremost thing you should know is that Cotton Cookie is a universal support cookie. She has perfect crowd-control capabilities, good attack stats, and a pretty high number of health points. Therefore, Cotton Cookie can quickly become a part of any team.

Talking about rarity, Cotton Cookie is an Epic Cookie. It makes this cookie suitable not only for experienced players but also for beginners. Continue reading the guide to learn more about the skills.

Cotton Cookie in CRK


Cotton Cookie is one of the cookies that can play many roles during battle. She can restore health points, deal damage, and stun your opponents, allowing you to eliminate all enemies in your way. With such power, this cookie has a significant impact on the result of the battle.

Also, you should remember that the Cotton Cookie has the skill called “Warm Light.” Using this skill restores allies’ health points and increases the attack of summoned creatures. Moreover, Warm Light summons a unique sheep that will target your enemies, dealing AoE damage and stunning them. You can see the stats of this skill in the table below.



Cooldown 17 seconds
Healing Heals 9,9% of ATK every 9 seconds
ATK Increase 75%
Sheep Herd Sheep takes Cotton Cookie stats in such a proportion: 124,5% of ATK, 157,8% of DEF, 111,4% of HP.
Sheep Stun 1 second 


Now that you know who Cotton Cookie is and how to play using her, it's time to learn about the best builds for Cotton Cookie. The fact is that toppings significantly affect the effectiveness of a cookie. Showing the best results will be pretty challenging if you use an incorrect build.

The main problem with Cotton Cookie is that her attack speed is too slow while she is on cooldown. Therefore, you might feel a lack of survivability in long battles. You are supposed to use Swift Chocolate build to solve it.


Also, there is one alternative build for those who like experiments. You need to use x3 Solid Almond and x2 Swift Chocolate, as x3 Solid Almond will significantly increase damage resistance. However, the cooldown will be reduced much less than in the complete Swift Chocolate Build.

Cotton Cookie is one of the best support cookies nowadays. You can opt for two topping builds for her. The first build is aimed at decreasing cooldown and increasing attack, which is more suitable for beginners. The second build aims to increase damage resistance, solving the survivability problem.

Generally, there is nearly no difference in what build to choose. Both appear pretty effective during battle. Therefore, the best option is to try both toppings and decide for yourself!