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Netflix Mighty Quest Rogue Palace review - "Raiding the mind for fame and fortune"

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Netflix Mighty Quest Rogue Palace review - "Raiding the mind for fame and fortune"

Mighty Quest Rogue Palace is a 3D isometric dungeon-crawler where you choose paths that lead to chambers. Typically you'll be hacking and slashing your way through a small army of enemies until the portal to the next chamber appears. The more you complete, the more gear you'll earn to try on different runs to see if you can get further into the palace.

Why undertake Mighty Quest Rogue Palace?

The word "quest" has a certain amount of significance to it and I'm adventurous, I'm happy to go on a quest for as long as I'm willing. In Mighty Quest Rogue Palace, there's a fair amount of questing and reasons to do it. In the fantasy medieval kingdom of Opulencia, every man, woman, child, and animal is obsessed with finding Epic Loot.

The obsession became so powerful that the king sent every capable person in his army out to find the Epic Loot, including the favoured champion Sir Logan. Of course, this had the drawback of leaving the kingdom unprotected, allowing evil forces from the Void to destroy everything and force the king into a deep slumber. However, the ethereal form of Sir Logan returns to enter the king's mind to awaken him from his slumber and work toward restoring the kingdom.

A rewarding Mighty Quest Rogue Palace

If you're going on a quest, you want to know that your time won't be wasted and that there's a high chance of finding some great stuff. Mighty Quest Rogue Palace doesn't disappoint by giving you plenty to quest after. The first reward you get is a solid hack 'n' slash experience. It works well within the limitations of mobile with smooth controls and nice execution when it comes to navigation and combat. The world is also quite vast with the hub area being filled with a lot to examine and the chambers themselves having twisting layouts that fit the theme of being in an unsound mind.

Then there's the interesting reward system. Before each challenge chamber, you get the chance to choose what kind of reward you want. After clearing it, you'll get a chest with the option to swap out your current gear with the new one. Not only does this allow you to mix and match your spectral warrior, but it also has you literally building other characters. When you have all the matching pieces, you can choose a whole other character who wields the gear while applying their own bonuses. It's an incentive to do multiple runs and take the longest routes available to you.

Getting wounded on Mighty Quest Rogue Palace

If quests weren't dangerous they wouldn't be called quests, but that also means they're not always appealing. Mighty Quest Rogue Palace has some things that can act as deterrents to your enjoyment. The main thing is how quickly the rewards can run out. Once you get all the related loot in one area, you won't be able to get new gear or make new characters until you progress further. It really does test your patience when you know exactly what you're gonna find every time you have to go through the same area.

In terms of combat, there are some areas that could use some tightening up. The enemy variety is lacking with each area typically having one type of mob and all that changes is what they're wielding. There are also problems with how you handle large groups. Sometimes chambers can be so narrow that enemies can block routes easily leaving you little manoeuvrability. Also, it's kind of bothersome that enemies cannot be interrupted consistently, being able to swing through your attacks. This normally wouldn't be a problem, but you're usually fighting groups with attacks causing particle effects and being unable to break out of a combo in motion.

Accepting the Mighty Quest Rogue Palace

Mighty Quest Rogue Palace is a 3D isometric roguelike dungeon crawler about exploring a king's mind to wake him up and get spectral loot. It's an epic game that looks and feels nice on the mobile platform with an enticing reward system. The game might push the wrong buttons with annoying combat habits and predictable rewards going forward, but quests aren't easy. Proof of this is in adventurers who have come back from the mighty quest in the rogue palace.

Netflix Mighty Quest Rogue Palace review - "Raiding the mind for fame and fortune"

You're being called on a Mighty Quest Rogue Palace to venture into an everchanging dungeon of the mind with loot to run through and familiar mobs that you'll see a lot.