Once Human, NetEase's New Weird survival game, will feature a 16x16 kilometre map and 20v20 PvP battles

Once Human, NetEase's New Weird survival game, will feature a 16x16 kilometre map and 20v20 PvP battles

Once Human was one of the more intriguing games revealed during last year's NetEase Connect event. Its ominous and strange trailer had many people hooked and eager to learn more. At today's iteration of NetEase's annual event, that's exactly what happened.

Once Human is a survival game with a New Weird theme, which means you can expect to see elements of realism blending with otherworldly happenings. The developers say they have drawn inspiration from H.P Lovecraft, meaning you can expect some cosmic horror goodness as you struggle to survive.

The game takes place on a huge 16x16 km map with four distinct biomes. There are also six factions to be aware of on top of the creatures from another realm you'll battle against. There's certainly a lot going on, but the team insists that players can choose the type of content they want to engage with.

If PvE is your thing, then you can focus on that, scavenging the world for resources to craft increasingly more powerful gear to fight back against whatever the game throws at you. There are also dungeons to explore and powerful bosses to tackle.

Beyond that, there's PvP for anyone keen to test their skills against others. Not only can you attack other players, but you can also steal their loot after besting them in a firefight. Alternatively, you can team up with other players and claim territory. Once that's established, you can fight against others in up to 20 v 20 battles.

Fighting against other players, gunning down Cthulhu's relatives, and even dealing with the weather sounds pretty stressful, which is likely deliberate. Holding onto your sanity will feature in the game in some fashion, meaning you'll need to manage that alongside the usual survival game concerns like health and hunger.

Once Human is coming to the App Store, Google Play, and PC. The game is slated for release in the winter of this year. Pre-registrations haven't begun on mobile yet, but you can Wishlist the game on Steam.

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