Squad Busters, Supercell's upcoming squad building action game, is hosting a new beta test this week

Squad Busters, Supercell's upcoming squad building action game, is hosting a new beta test this week

Following the closed beta test for Squad Busters earlier this year in Canada, Supercell has announced another is starting today. It will run for seven days, concluding on May 29th, and is open to two more countries this time, with people from Mexico and Spain able to get involved alongside Canada.

The beta is available for Android 12 or higher devices, with Supercell saying it will announce when the game is available on Google Play through its social media accounts. Spots in the test are limited, so keep an eye on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and so on if you don't want to miss out.

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Supercell has received and acted on player feedback from the last test, meaning a new version for the beta that kicks off today. To keep matches feeling distinct, the team has introduced Mods to keep things interesting.

These are picked randomly at the start of each round and bring tweaked rules to the game. For instance, Pinata Party provides a way to gather more loot, while Royal Haunt sees a gang of ghosts travelling around the map. Then there's Double Trouble, which increases the size of your squad, allowing you to wreak more havoc.

Outside of the Mods, Supercell has also added Royal World, a new map. It sports a castle theme and is home to new monsters, and brings six characters you can add to your team. And, if you like any of these characters a whole lot, you can merge them into a bigger, more powerful version by picking three of them. By fusing them, they benefit from boosted stats and abilities.

Elsewhere, a few other changes by the developers aim to make Squad Busters more fast-paced. For instance, now you can build your team more quickly and hold the turbo button to bolster its power. Beyond that, you can toss spells at other players to protect your characters.

Finally, outside battles, you can collect hammers to customise your plaza and unlock new characters by completing quests.

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