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League of Legends: Wild Rift Tier List V4.1b - the best champions

League of Legends: Wild Rift Tier List V4.1b - the best champions

An updated Wild Rift tier list will help you pick the appropriate champion that will suit your gameplay style perfectly

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May 9th, 2023 - Wild Rift tier list has been updated to patch 4.1b, adjusted the tier of each champion

If you want a strong start in Wild Rift, you should always play a meta champion. Meta champs are strong, reliable, and have the ability to carry the team, or at least carry their own weight. Below you’ll find a complete League of Legends: Wild Rift tier list for each individual role to help you pick the best unit when you’re in champ select.

I’ve divided this list according to each role. For example, if you’re a top laner, choose a champion that’s ideal for Top lane (or Vayne), and if you’re a Support player, choose one of the champions that’s God-tier for the Support role, and so on. Of course, you can also go for off-meta picks if you're confident you can pull them off! I haven't listed all of them here, because the game is still relatively new, so there is still much to try. 

If you're new at the game and you don't know what I am talking about, just pick one of the champions that are S tier. It will be much easier to win games with them because they're easy to play (most of them) and pretty strong in the current meta. 

Off meta picks

And since I mentioned off-meta picks, I feel like I have to talk about them a little bit, mainly about Vayne, Seraphine, Malphite, and Lux. Even if these champions' kit is designed for a specific role, they could also be played in other roles.

Vayne top can be very strong against tanks like Mundo, who is immobile and relies heavily on regen. Seraphine mid can be a really powerful pick if the team already has an engage and some AD damage, because she can provide sustain, CC, and a lot of damage. As for Malphite and Lux, they are great supports when paired with an ADC who has CC, like Ashe, Jhin (if he's ahead), or Varus, because they will have a strong all-in at level 6. 

So, keep reading to learn what the League of Legends: Wild Rift tier list is! 

Original article by Cristina Mesesan, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.
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Top Lane Tier List

top lane tier list

The champions that are usually S in the top lane will be able to hold their own and stand their ground in most 1v1 (and sometimes 1v2) situations. You will see here champions like Malphite, who is great for engaging on the enemy team and starting team fights, as well as Renekton, Darius and Wukong who have been great all-round. Champions like these won't have to necessarily outscale the opponent, but provide something for their team that a C champion cannot (Teemo can't engage for instance, and Singed is... doing Singed things).

S Sion, Aatrox, Yone, Gwen, Sett, Renekton, Garen, Akali, Darius, Malphite, Fiora, Camille, Riven, Kayle
A Shen, Jayce, Wukong, Irelia, Dr. Mundo, Pantheon, Rengar, Jax, Urgot
B Kennen, Nasus, Vayne
C Singed, Tryndamere, Teemo (unless he is ahead, in which case he is a strong A+/S Tier)

Jungle Tier List

If your main goal is to play a good jungler, then you want to go for something that can really impact the game. Lee Sin can initiate fights and make crazy Insec picks, while Evelynn and Kha'Zix can assassinate unexpecting enemies. Now when it comes to the lower-ranked junglers, it mainly depends on the player's knowledge of the game and skill. A fed Master Yi could easily go from B-tier to S if the player knows how to carry. As for the lowest-ranked junglers, you have Shyvana and similar champions, who are not exactly... well-defined in the current meta.

S Lilia, Kayn, Ekko, Lee Sin, Wukong, Kha'Zix, Evelynn, Xin Zhao, Graves, Nunu & Willump
A Warwick, Rengar, Olaf, Shyvana, Vi, Jarvan IV
B Dr Mundo, Rammus, Master Yi, Pantheon
C Diana, Amumu

Mid Lane Tier List

A good mid laner can make or break a game. The champions that excel in mid lane are the ones that are (fairly) mobile and can pack a punch. You have Katarina who is, simply put, a 1v9 champion in the right hands. As for the rest, it's really a matter of team composition and player skill. Playing as a mid laner requires quite a bit of skill, so by simply picking a god-tier champion you won't necessarily win the game or even the lane.

S Zoe, Vex, Kassadin, Ekko, Zed, Veigar, Katarina, Irelia, Diana. Ziggs, Akali, Orianna, Galio, Lucian, Brand
A Jayce, Corki, Twisted Fate, Ahri, Seraphine, Yasuo, Akshan, Morgana
B Pantheon, Aurelion Sol
C Annie, Lux, Fizz

Bot Lane Tier List

Wild RIft tier list bot lane

Oh, bot laners. Marksmen - or ADCs (AD carries) - are supposedly the "carry" champions. Well, in reality it's all about getting babysit and spoon-fed kills, minions, gold and every other resource until you can hold your own (which is about level 10-11 at least). Marksmen like Kai'Sa, Xayah and Jinx can impact the game a lot more if they are ahead than the lower ranked ones, for the simple fact that their kit is specifically designed to outscale. Of course, it all depends on the player's skill as well, but most often than not, there is no other champion that can really outmatch those in the S tier in the current meta.

S Samira, Caitlyn, Varus, Xayah, Lucian, Kai'Sa, Ezreal, Corki
A Zeri, Vayne, Jinx, Draven, Tristana
B Akshan, Senna, Jhin
C Ashe, Miss Fortune

Support Tier List

Wild Rift support tier list

Support tier list breakdown

Supports can play a lot of roles, and they can have a pretty big impact on the game depending on what the team needs. For enchanters like Lulu and Nami, you will need to pair them up with a marksman that can benefit from their skills and the buffs they provide.

As for Leona and Alistar you can safely use them in most situations where the team needs an engage tank. Now if you have a full AD team (AD top, AD mid and jungle), you can go for Seraphine support and that should provide plenty of Magic Damage. The main reason why these champions are in S-tier is that they are quite versatile, and can complement well pretty much any team composition in the current meta.

S Pyke, Nautilus, Karma, Yuumi, Senna, Leona, Lulu, Janna, Braum, Nami, Rakan, Thresh, Brand, Morgana
A Alistar, Sona, Seraphine, Lux
B Malphine, Soraka
C Blitzcrank

These are all the champions currently released in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Keep in mind that the tier list is subject to change since they will release more champions in the near future! Stick around because we're going to keep you updated as soon as we have any news!

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