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The Battle Cats tier list - the best Uber Cats

The Battle Cats tier list - the best Uber Cats

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Updated on May 9th, 2023 - added Rabbit Satoru, Thunder Jack, Ancient Egg, Kamen Rider Cat, Cat Godzilla, Evangelion Cat, Ultraman Cat

You want to expand your cat roster, but you also want to put together a team made of some of the strongest, most interesting cats in The Battle Cats? Then look no further, because our Battle Cats tier list will give you all the information you need. In this game, you can collect hundreds of cats, but only deploy a handful of them onto your team, and then into battle.

If you want to find out who the best cats are, then our article will give you everything there is to know. We've listed the cats based on their rarities, with the Uber Cats at the top, and then the common ones all the way to the bottom. Before we dive into the Battle Cats tier list though, let's cover some of the more important aspects of the game.

The Battle Cats Uber tier list - why are they so important?

Uber cats are the rarest of all the cats available in-game, and they can have rather unique abilities. They are also extremely strong, and way above the other cat types in terms of strength. The tier list of Uber cats will rank every single one of them based on the current meta, so if the one you own is not in the S+ tier, worry not - it's still super strong and way above the Super Rare cats and below (so you can use it and upgrade it as you wish).

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Each cat specialises in specific feats, such as area damage, single target damage, immunity to specific negative effects, and a lot more - you get the idea. That will make them more (or less) ideal for specific types of content. You should always pay attention to these since they can greatly affect the way a stage is playing out.

We've also ranked the other cats below, so if you're eager to check them and their ranking out, then let's dive right in! 

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Uber Cats  |  Super Rare Cats  |  Rare Cats  

Special Cats  |  Normal Cats

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We've not added the collab units, as many of them are region-exclusive. We've not added the PC-exclusive ones either. Let us know if you'd like us to update the list and add them as well! 

Original article by Cristina Mesesan, updated by Artur Novichenko
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Uber Cats

Uber Cats are a little bit more special than your usual Rare or Special. They are often obtained via limited means (events, special holidays, collabs, etc) and they can be truly great. However, obtaining them is a little tough so you need to know who to save your resources for. This list should come in handy - try to focus on the top-tier cats, or if you have the means, collect them all!

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Super Rare Cats

Super Rares are extremely powerful, and you'll probably find them a lot easier than the Uber Cats (unless you're super lucky). They are strong and will provide enough damage and utility to get you through a lot of the mid to end game stages until you get some good Ubers.

SS Apple Cat, Swimmer Cat, Bath Cat, Fencer Cat
S Sushi Cat, Nerd Cat, Kotatsu Cat, Delinquent Cat, Surfer Cat
A Hip Hop Cat, Good-Luck Ebisu, Freshman Cat Jobs, Easter Neneko, Crazed Axe Cat, Brainwashed Titan Cat
B Vaulter Cat, Juliet Cat, Bodhisattva Cat, Nymph Cat, Gold Cat, Genma Saotome (Panda), Rich Cat III, Brainwashed Lizard Cat, Brainwashed Cow Cat, Brainwashed Bird Cat, Sniper the Recruit, Brainwashed Tank Cat, Years-End Neneko, Crazed Gross Cat, Express Cat
C Figure Skating Cats, Weightlifter Cat, Miter Saw Cat, Backhoe Cat, Cutter Cat, Piledriver Cat, Driller Cat, Sunny Neneko, Brainwashed Gross Cat, Crazed Cat, Crazed Tank Cat, Crazed Cow Cat, Crazed Lizard Cat, Brainwashed Fish Cat, Crazed Titan Cat, Little Leaguer Cat, Cheerleader Cat
D Cat Toaster, Neneko, Cat Base Mini, Metal Cat, Gloomy Neneko, Brainwashed Cat, Suntan Cat, Lifeguard Cats, Valentine's Neneko, Brainwashed Axe Cat, Crazed Bird Cat, Crazed Fish Cat, Catway, Catornado

Rare Cats

Rare Cats are great overall since they are affordable and land somewhere in the middle of the pack. They are not too difficult to obtain, and you can upgrade them to become great mid-game units. They will not be that awesome for the late game instances, but they'll do until you get something better. At the start of the game, if you have a couple of Rare Cats, then you should add them to the roster because they'll make a big difference.

SS Swordsman Cat, Archer Cat, Psychocat, Killer Cat
S Salon Cat, Witch Cat, Vacation Queen
A Pogo Cat, Jurassic Cat, Thief Cat, Cat Gunslinger, Wushu Cat, Kung Fu Cat X, Mightycat, Kamen Rider Cat
B Wheel Cat, Tin Cat, Viking Cat, Rocker Cat, Welterweight Cat, Sports Day Cat, Osamu Mikumo & Cat, Yuma Kuga & Cat, Evil Cat, Madam Bride, Space Cat, Stone Cat, Calligraphy Cat, Phantom Cat, Medusa Cat, Pumpcat, A Gift of Cats, Killer Tank Cat, Cat Godzilla, Evangelion Cat
C Bishop Cat, Shaman Cat, Mer-Cat, Gardener Cat, Rover Cat, Ancient Egg: N101, Ancient Egg: N102, Ancient Egg: N103, Ancient Egg: N104, Ancient Egg: N105, Ancient Egg: N106, Ancient Egg: N107, Reindeer Fish Cat, Maiden Cat, Vengeful Cat, Bronze Cat, Drumcorps Cat, Aku Researcher, Curling Cat, Lone Cat and Kitten, Teacher BearCat, Pied Piper Cat, Bakery Cat, Cat Kart R, Awa-Odori Cat, Eggy Cat
D Pirate Cat, Stilts Cat, Fortune Teller Cat, Onmyoji Cat, Matador Cat, Salaryman Cat, Adult Cat, Doll Cats, Koi Cat, Rope Jump Cat, Clockwork Cat, Hoop Cat, Volley Cat, Primordial Cat, Glass Cat, Rugby Cat, Cossack Cat, Slime Cat, Marshmallow Cat, Food Stall Cat, Slug Jockey Cat, Ultraman Cat

Special Cats

Special Cats are the first "better-than-normal" cats to be available in the game, and they can be purchased from the shop or obtained via gacha. They are okay, but not the ideal units for taking into the mid to late game. Use them at the start, but then make sure to switch to some stronger cats.

SS Dom Cat, Valkyrie Cat, Miyamoku Musashi
S The Cat God, Bahamut Cat, Ururun Wolf
A Samurai Cat, Kung Fu Cat, Cat God the Great, Li'l Nyandam, Ancient Egg
B Ninja Cat, Sumo Cat, Filibuster Cat X, 10 Years On a Stone Cat, Jagando Jr., Chika Amatori & Cat, Elder Beast Naala, Hermit Cat, Li'l Tank Cat, Li'l Axe Cat, Li'l Bird Cat, Class Rep Cat
C Zombie Cat, Panties Cat, Skirt Cat, Mecha-Bun, Idi:N, Masked Yulala, Ancient Egg: N201, Ancient Egg: N003, Ancient Egg: N202, Ancient Egg: N004, Ancient Egg: N000, Master Uril, Crazed Moneko, Catburger, Li'l Cat, Li'l Gross Cat, Li'l Cow Cat, Li'l Titan Cat, Kabuto Cat, Kuwagata Cat, Tomboy Lion Cat, Gacha Cat
D Cats in a Box, Boogie Cat, Bondage Cat, Mr., Actress Cat, Red Riding Mina, Dogumaru, Urs & Fenrir, Elder Mask Doron, Flower Cat, Bean Cats, Tricycle Cat, Ancient Egg N001, Moneko, Coin Cat, Gold Brick Cat, Li'l Fish Cat, Li'l Lizard Cat, Farmer Cat, Secret Crush Cat, Chalkboard Eraser Cat

Normal Cats

Normal Cats are the first cats that will be unlocked by playing the game or summoning in the normal gacha.

SS -
S Superfeline
A Axe Cat, Titan Cat
B Cat, Tank Cat, Bird Cat
C Gross Cat, Cow Cat
D Fish Cat, Lizard Cat
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