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Pickle Pete review - "In a pickle when out of ammo"

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Pickle Pete review - "In a pickle when out of ammo"

The survivors-like genre is perfect for mobile considering the simplicity of the gameplay. The latest addition to this party is Pickle Pete from Frojo Apps. The game is a 2D survival affair about a mutated pickle. Each world comes with a series of levels made up of small contained arenas. You start off with just one weapon and whatever gear you've equipped to fight the hordes as they emerge from the ground. Things get hectic pretty fast so you'll need to make sure you always have a way out of a tight spot, otherwise you'll find yourself in a pickle.

Who is Pickle Pete?

Pickle Pete equipment

It's quite common to name a piece of media after the character, and sometimes that's all you need. Pickle Pete keeps things simple and you can fill in the gaps easily. You are Pickle Pete, a mutated pickle that may or may not be the size of the average human. He has been altered to be able to wield a variety of weapons effectively. This is because he seems to be the only line of defense against waves of undead and mutant monsters rising from the earth. Pickle Pete will need to stay on the move as he grows as many arms as possible to get a full 360-degree attack range.

Cool as a Pickle Pete

Pickle Pete burning his foes

It may seem that there's not a lot to a survivors-like game, but the trick is to make it entertaining. Pickle Pete does this in a variety of ways. The most notable is the art style. It has the charm of a flash game while still feeling modern. The most amusing part is how the titular character will continuously grow additional arms as he gets more weapons and each one has a distinct animation. The enemies are another point in its favour, with each managing to avoid overlapping and giving you a headache.

Then there's the sheer variety, which is another aspect of a good survivors-like. Pickle Pete has an appealing look, but you can customise him however you want. Playing through levels will unlock additional clothing items and weapons to add to your loadout. In addition to each piece having a different style, they also come with their own perks which only improve as you level up. The game is also quite generous with the number of rewards you can earn without playing feeling like a grind.

The Pickle Pete Aftertaste

Pickle Pete carrying five different weapons, surrounded by foes

Pickles are a common food, but not everyone likes the taste and not everyone will like the design of Pickle Pete. An issue that quickly becomes apparent is the size of the arenas. Each level is the same (based on the world's theme) with the only change being the type and number of enemies that appear. Though they start off slow, it's not long before things get crowded.

This is to be expected in survivors-like titles, but here it can pose a problem. Not only is the space limited, reducing your options, but Pickle Pete himself is not the most manoeuvrable guy. He's a bit slow and will have a lot of trouble weaving through the hordes as time goes on. The fact that he also has a sizable hitbox makes him a pretty big target to take lots of hits in a matter of seconds.

Pickle Pete Power

Pickle Pete is a 2D survivors-like affair about a mutant pickle with enough arms as weapons fighting against mutant undead forces. It works well for mobile with an amusing graphics style and lots of customisation options. It has issues that come from the combination of a restricted playing space and a big slow protagonist. But, if you find yourself in a market full of zombies, you should grab a jar of Pickle Pete.

Pickle Pete review - "In a pickle when out of ammo"

Be the one and only Pickle Pete in a fun and stylized survivors-like game with lots of customization, challenge, and contained arenas.