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Torchlight: Infinite review - "Diablo and Sacred walk onto mobile"

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Torchlight: Infinite review - "Diablo and Sacred walk onto mobile"

The mobile platform is becoming more and more engrossing as games are pushing it to its limits in various ways. XD Entertainment is working to make the most of it with Torchlight: Infinite. This is a 3D isometric RPG adventure based on completing quests and gaming loot. It also has a large online component with a seasonal system in place to introduce new assets, content, and events. You'll be choosing one of several heroes with their own stats and playstyles to complete main objectives, side quests, or just explore the different maps. Just make sure you have the time to keep up with the changes.

What is Torchlight: Infinite?

Online-heavy games tend to have stories that keep on giving and can be an overarching narrative no matter what seasons or events take place. Torchlight: Inifinite is always introducing new things, but the core stays the same. In an unknown fantasy world, the First Flame brought untold prosperity to mankind and other races. However, a calamity occurred which split the flame into four pieces.

As a result, a corrupting force known as the Aember appeared, transforming beings and beasts into destructive entities as it consumed the land. However, there were those who were able to possess the Aember and use it to fight against it. These beings banded together to form Torchlight. If you're going to join, be prepared to face internal and external darkness as you try to restore the flame.

Endless Adventure of Torchlight: Infinite

When you use a synonym for "forever" in your work, it can be a challenge to deliver it while keeping it entertaining. Torchlight: Infinite has managed to do this with its gameplay and structure. Similar to Diablo and Sacred, you get to choose from a roster of distinct heroes to face all the dangers the game has to offer. Each one has a very different way of attacking, creating very different experiences. It won't take long to find the one that works for you, and it's fun to try them all out and collect all their different skills. There's a surprising degree of customisation that you can sink your time into to make your hero the way that's best for you.

Then there's the sheer scale and variety that the game has to offer. After a lengthy tutorial, you have a hub area that's always changing with missions and new players going in and out. In addition to a sizable campaign, there are a lot of optional tasks to complete for loot, EXP, or just for the challenge. Once you're online, the game moves smoothly so you can confidently go questing, fight mobs of enemies, and aim to take down massive bosses. There's also something different happening on a weekly basis, so there'll always be something to look forward to with the chance for new heroes and abilities to be added in for your enjoyment.

Too much of Torchlight: Infinite

Forever is a very long time, and it's hard to keep something from going stale over time - so at the very least, it should stay functional. Torchlight: Infinite works hard but sometimes it does too much work. The heroes are designed so that they don't have a traditional click-based attack system, but rather just abilities that you need to use over and over again. This can be fun but also lessens their value somewhat. The whole point of passive and active abilities is to enhance a hero's basics, but the basics ARE the passive and active abilities. Since so many attacking abilities are flashy and enemies can be large and wild, battles can get and look messy and chaotic really fast.

This highlights another problem, which is processing. This is an online experience meaning that you need an internet connection to play. If you don't have a stable one, you are going to suffer. Everything will constantly experience a great deal of lag, especially when using attacks that cause your hero to move or soar through the air. They'll freeze and have delayed impacts while enemies will be unaffected, which breaks the fabric of the game. So, if you plan on taking this game seriously, ensure that you have a strong device and an even stronger internet connection.

Joining Torchlight: Infinite

Torchlight: Infinite is a 3D online RPG about a group of warriors using corruption energy to fight corruption and restore the light. It offers a lot of variety in gameplay, assets, and activities, so it can keep you entertained for quite some time. The main issue is that if you're planning to play for a long time, get used to seeing the same abilities a lot as you try to maintain a strong and stable connection. If you can do that, you can find a sense of accomplishment by joining Torchlight.

Torchlight: Infinite review - "Diablo and Sacred walk onto mobile"

An expansive top-down isometric 3D RPG with evil forces to fight, repeating heroic abilities to unleash, and loot to gather provided your device and internet can take it.