Cookie Run: Kingdom's patch 3.9 introduces new Macaron Cookie and costumes for the B.A.D 4

Cookie Run: Kingdom's patch 3.9 introduces new Macaron Cookie and costumes for the B.A.D 4

Cookie Run: Kingdom has just dropped a new content update today. Patch 3.9, will introduce the new Macaron Cookie alongside numerous in-game events, including Rhythm Games, costumes, an update to the topping storage feature, and another Super Mayhem Season.

Macaron Cookie

The latest Cookie joining CRK’s roster is the Macaron Cookie, an Epic Magic Cookie who battles from the middle of the group. She is being voiced by Paula Rhodes in English, Yun-mi- Yeo in Korean, and Mimori Tanigake in Japanese.

Macaron Cookie’s skill is Mighty Macaron Parade. When using it, an army of Macaron Animals is generated, which dishes out damage to nearby cookies. Her excitement further boosts the attack and critical percentage of allies while restoring HP. Based on the number of hits dealt, she also gains Happy Parade Buffs, which can further the HP restoration.

B.A.D 4 Rhythm Stage

Players that have managed to complete the BTS Concert Battle Stage 12 mission will gain entry to this new stage featuring Bad and Dark. No entry items will be needed to participate. Additionally, the costumes for this villainous group are also available. Players can get their hands on the Epic outfits – T.N.T Schwarzwalder, ZZ Skull Licorice, Mushy P. Poison Mushroom, and Hellhound Red Velvet Cookies.

Super Mayhem Season

The influence of the B.A.D 4 on CRK continues as they are part of the new season as well. As usual, players will have to create three teams of five Cookies each. All participating Cookies will gain major buffs.

Topping Storage

With this update, players will finally be able to use the Topping Storage to save and load Topping Presets whenever needed, making comparing stats with equipped Toppings much easier. Do note that, saving and loading are allowed only for Cookies that are above level 30 and have all five Topping Slots unlocked.

An in-depth explanation of all these inclusions and more are available in the in-game patch notes. Download Cookie Run: Kingdom now for free.

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