Cookie Run: Kingdom adds Stardust Cookie and Space Doughnut in new update

Cookie Run: Kingdom adds Stardust Cookie and Space Doughnut in new update

Devsisters has just announced a brand new update for the beloved mobile RPG, Cookie Run: Kingdom. This one brings two new Cookies – Stardust Cookie and Space Doughnut, alongside two Legendary costumes and three Variant Treasures. Additionally, the Dream Express is also taking off.

Let’s first look at the most awaited feature with each update, the Cookies. Headlining version 4.2 is the Stardust Cookie, a Super Epic hero that is of the Ambush type and plays in the Middle of the squad. Robbie Daymond has voiced Stardust Cookie.

Our next character isn’t exactly a cookie but is just as adorable. Say hello to Space Doughnut, an Epic Cookie of the Charge type. Their position at the Front. Space Doughnut Cookie is voiced by Kim Chae-rin.

This update introduces another seasonal mode, called Dream Express, which will be similar to Black Pearl Islands, but in space. Players will hop into the Milky Way Cookie’s Dream Express and embark on an adventure to the World of Dreams, where they will explore the unknown corners of the universe.

Each time players go on their voyage, the galaxy map will randomly change, granting a new experience each time. The questline is divided into battle stages and minigames, all of which will provide a bunch of rewards.

Moving on, two new Legendary costume sets and stories are coming to CRK. The first is the Crescent Guardian for Moonlight Cookie and Rippling Moonlight for Sea Fairy Cookie. The new story to go along with them is called The Sea and the Dark Side of the Moon.

To top it all off, there are three new Variant Treasures available for the Cookies. These are 0 Jelly Watch, Torch, and Scroll. Each category will have its own unique effects and two of the same type cannot be equipped simultaneously. All these treasures will be available in the regular Treasure Gacha.

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