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Cookie Run Kingdom: Will Sonic Cookie make a comeback in 2023?

Cookie Run Kingdom: Will Sonic Cookie make a comeback in 2023?

Veteran Cookie Run: Kingdom players had the chance to obtain the Sonic Cookie back in 2021 in what was one of the first-ever major collaborations for the game. But what about the new players who just started playing and want to get their hands on this exclusive cookie? Will Sonic make a return in Cookie Run: Kingdom in 2023? Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about these special cookies as well as whether or not they will return anytime soon. 

About the Sonic and Tails Cookies

The first-ever Special Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom were Sonic and Tails. These two came out in September 2021 as part of the Heart of Courage and Passion update, along with Moon Rabbit Cookie. Added in celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog's 30th anniversary, they were the result of a unique collaboration between SEGA and Devsisters.

Back in July 2021, during a Devnow stream, it was announced that Sonic will make a return to the game "real soon". To this day, though, Sonic's return to Cookie Run: Kingdom has not been mentioned.

You can find more information as well as how well Sonic and Tails Cookies rank, in our Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list.
Since you could only get Sonic (and Tails) during the crossover event, they aren't in the regular Cookie Gacha.  And, they haven't been accessible ever since the event concluded.

Will there be another Sonic collab in Cookie Run Kingdom?

We've seen big collaborations in the past, not just in the Sonic collab, but also in the BTS one, where players could collect all of their favourite singers from the K-pop band BTS in the form of cookies. There was also a Disney collab, where the new cookies featured childhood Disney favourites: Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella, Mulan and so on - except, this time they were not collectable and just appeared as Guests.

So far all of these collabs have only been featured once, and with the increased popularity of the game during such collabs we can expect another collab soon - but is it going to be the Sonic collab? That's not certain quite yet.

All we can do is keep an eye on all content released by Devsisters because they'll surely tease us with any news on upcoming events. We'll make sure to share everything we know in our news stories, so if you're eager to find out which is going to be the next big event, we'll keep you posted.